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All Market Research New Report @ Transparent Conductor Markets 2012 (TC Market)

All Market Research announces that it has published a new study Transparent Conductor Markets 2012.

NanoMarkets believes that the next few years will be a turning point for the transparent conductor (TC) business.  We foresee opportunities for novel TCs where, for the first time, newer materials have unquestionable market advantages over ITO.  This report provides the necessary strategic insight into how TC firms can best generate new business revenues from the rapidly changing business environment in the display and solar panel sectors. It also provides insight into niche applications such as smart windows, BIPV, etc.

Manufacturers of alternative TCs have looked toward the day when flexible displays hit the market, since ITO cannot be used in such displays.  That day is now at hand with the first flexible displays from Samsung hitting the market within a year.  In this report, we examine how the revenue opportunities will play out for alternative TC makers in this exciting new application area.

TC makers can also look to this report for guidance on opportunities in the OLED display and lighting sector.  ITO is not a very effective TC for OLEDs.  In this new report, we show how firms offering TC solutions other than ITO can benefit from the considerable growth expected for OLED industry.

Other high-growth display markets for TCs are also analyzed in this report.  For example, we see transparent displays as having considerable potential for growth for both signage and augmented reality applications. And we expect transparent displays – almost by definition -- to have special requirements for the TCs that they use.  In fact, the report discusses a broader range of opportunities for TCs in the “transparent electronics” sector such as those in smart windows and BIPV glass.

In addition, this report examines opportunities for TCs in more established parts of the display sector.  It takes an in depth look at the use of touch-screen technology which is highly suitable for novel TCs.  However, there are so many TC firms crowding into this sector that a legitimate question is whether this relatively small market is about to become saturated.  This is a question that this report answers.  And it also tackles the thorny issue of whether novel TCs can ever displace ITO in the LCD business.

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The comprehensive coverage of this report extends beyond the display sector and includes pinpointing the best prospects for TCs in the solar industry.  Recently, PV opportunities have been constrained by the influx of low-cost c-Si panels from China with limited need for TCs.  In this report, NanoMarkets discusses how the logic of Chinese industrial policy now suggests a revival in the thin-film PV market that will create new opportunities for TCs.

In this report, Chinese industrial policy is also examined for what it will mean for ITO pricing and availability. Whether indium prices really have an impact on the TC market has been a controversial subject and this report cuts to the chase and shows how the ITO supply chain is really likely to evolve going forward in context of what is planned for the Chinese display, PV and indium industries.

Finally, this report analyzes important developments on the TC materials front and it takes a peek at what the next generation of transparent conductors will look like and how these materials will extend addressable markets.  This study also contains detailed eight-year forecasts in volume (square meters) and value terms.  For each of the applications covered there are breakouts of demand for ITO, other TCOs, ITO/TCO inks, carbon nanotube films, silver-based transparent conductors, other nanometallic transparent conductors and conductive polymers.  And there is also a forecast of ITO products by type (sputtering targets, films, coated glass, etc.).  Finally, the strategies of the leading TC firms are also assessed in the context of the latest market developments.

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